Is Your Communication Working For...Or Against You?

Confident communicators inspire trust, gain credibility and earn respect.

Weak communicators (passive-aggressive) diminish trust, lose credibility and earn disrespect

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Conscious Communication Coach

Faridah Hameed | International Speaker |

Conscious Communication Coach

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We know that all businesses are different, and that's why we offer several service types so you can build a custom package that is perfect for you or your team


Live/Virtual Training

Work with me one-on-one to clarify your next business steps and discover the confidence you need to take your business to the next level.



Whether you’re looking to learn how to curate the right content, use the correct marketing tools, or iterate and optimize campaigns, I will work with you to develop social media marketing strategies that build your online following.


Online Courses (coming soon)

From 8-week sessions to individual single-day courses, learn everything from social media tips and tricks to press release strategies and unique value propositions.

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Valued Clients

Meet Faridah.

Faridah Hameed, a Conscious Communication coach for high performers, personal branding and content marketing expert.

She has worked in all major communication sectors - journalism, public relations, publishing, national branding, and content development - over the last 25 years.

For you, the dream may be to travel more. Maybe you want to start a business so you can quit the 9-5.

Whatever it may be, technical skills are not enough. If you want to earn more money, build credibility and impact more people, you need to master your communication skills..
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"The only thing standing between you and what you want in life - is the quality of your communication skills ."

- Faridah Hameed


50 countries | 3 continents

"My dearest Faridah, it was not only a privilege -  but a pleasure - meeting you."

Faridah's passion for inspiring women is inspirational. Women in leadership roles face similar fears. We need to reframe how we perceive ourselves and the image we have of what a leader should be. After hearing her talk, I can strongly stick with what I believe."

Capt. Czarena Hashim

First Female Airline Captain in SE Asia | Royal Brunei Airlines

"I thoroughly enjoyed your session. I continue to be aware of the key areas of focus."

"One key takeaway was the clarity exercise on areas of myself and interactions with others. I refer to the chart regularly to ensure I continue to be aware of those key areas of focus. This was an extremely helpful exercise."

Kim Owczarzak

India Head, Interim Operations | AIG Data Solutions

"The best part of the training was the high level of engagement - and open discussions."

The best part of the training was the high level of engagement by all participants and the open discussion environment. I found it more powerful and useful than just sitting and listening to a trainer the whole time - 'two-way communication and instant feedback is the key.' It was a lovely experience and I certainly enjoyed it.

Roya Khajeh

AGM & Deputy Head of Cards & Payments | Commercial Bank of Qatar

"With Faridah you are in the safe hands of someone who sees you and believes in you. Trust the journey and have fun. I did."

"When I started with Faridah there were several sessions where I doubted we were getting anywhere. I just couldn’t work out where or what she was heading towards. One year later, I have emerged from the ashes and bitterness of a failed marriage to loving family&friends, I have the job I I wanted, and an amazing network to support and sustain me. With Faridah, you are in the safe hands of someone who sees you and believes in you. Trust the journey and have fun. I did."

Ronaish Nathan

Project Manager,